Sam Cohen

Real Estate - BSc (Hons)

After graduating and becoming a Chartered Real Estate Agent, Sam knew he wanted to strive in the industry. And he did just that. He now works in Central London with The Crown Estate, a company owned by the queen!

“I wasn’t aware real estate was a course until I spoke to someone through BCU clearing. Initially, I wanted to study geography, but towards the end of my A levels, I realised it wasn’t for me. I then spoke to a BCU Built Environment lecturer through the clearing hotline and she sold the course to me then and there! The BSc (Hons) Real Estate course is so varied, allowing you to learn a range of skills and knowledge. Including negotiation, property law, valuation of selling properties, and how to progress in your career. I instantly knew it was the course for me.        

Of course, starting university can be daunting, and adjusting to a different environment is tough for everyone. But BCU was extremely supportive throughout my time on the course. I always felt that I had unrivaled support from the lecturers which enabled me to push myself with assignments and projects. This boosted my confidence and has led me to trust my decision-making in my current career.   

For me, the range of industry skills that were taught on the course enabled me to progress into a career in property and get me to where I am today. Many of the projects require you to complete self-study, which gives you the freedom to learn about a range of topics in your own time.   

The career support and resources at BCU allow you to prepare for graduation and as a graduate in an industry role, I can say that with confidence. BCU provided me with the fundamental knowledge needed to find a graduate role and progress further into the property industry. The careers support was great too, there were always workshops and sessions that involved interview tips and informed us about job opportunities within the industry.   

This led to achievements that I can use on my CV, to boost my professional portfolio. I was the winner of the Ede and Ravenscroft award which was a huge honour. This provided me with the guidance and support, to help me excel in the industry.   

I am proud of who I have become from my 3 years at university and will always remember what the experience has taught me. Now in my current role, I am able to use the knowledge and skills from my course and develop it. It’s been a huge learning curve and has allowed me to extend my knowledge of real estate since becoming chartered. I am now working with more complex properties and portfolios.   

Working with the Crown Estate has been an incredible opportunity. They’ve been a great client and working to ensure their property objectives are met and reflected is a great experience for me as a new real estate agent. Prior to this, I was working on a very different type of property and now I have this great London exposure to enhance my knowledge further.   

'I AM BCU' reflects the 3 years of my life at university and with it the continued support I’ve received from the built environment team since graduating. I will always remember it as where I discovered real estate, a career that I had never even considered before."