Kristian McGurran Primary

Kristian McGurran

Music Technology - BSc (Hons)

Moving from his hometown in Lurgan, Northern Ireland, Kristian had mixed feelings about joining a completely new culture here at Birmingham City University. However, when a friend encouraged him to study the BSc Music Technology course here, Kristian got the confidence boost he needed to step out of his comfort zone!

“Before coming to Birmingham City University, I attended another university and was studying a completely different course, but I dropped out because I wasn’t passionate at all about it. My friend had studied at BCU and suggested the BSc Music Technology course here. Since then, I have been enjoying every second and I haven’t looked back!

As I’m originally from Northern Ireland, I have inevitably felt homesick this year. When I first arrived in Birmingham, I was quite nervous about being in unfamiliar territory so I didn’t mix with other people a lot. However, people around me encouraged me to open up and let go of the fears that I faced. I felt most at ease meeting new people and concentrating on my studies, which helped a lot. The student support team have a mental health and wellbeing service with expert guidance and support which helped me manage my homesickness.

My long-term goal is to impact the way in which technology can be used to help disabled people express themselves through the art of sound. BCU has helped me do this through tailored advice and extensive information, making sure I had access to relevant research in order for me to plan and create an interactive interface for people with disabilities.

Since I’ve started at BCU I’ve become a lot more confident than I used to be. I’ve also learnt how to properly budget! I have spent as much time as I can making use of the facilities here, especially the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. We are very lucky to have a brand-new state-of-the-art conservatoire on campus where we can collaborate with music students in studios. It’s also a great place to watch my friends perform!

The biggest adjustment in coming to university for me was writing assignments and essays. Before coming to university I hadn’t written an essay in about five years. It’s been challenging, but I think I’m getting the hang of writing my assignments now!

To me, ‘I AM BCU’ is all about a community of people who collaborate in a positive learning environment, but most of all, having fun and supporting each other.”



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