Aiyesha Ayyub

Project Management - MSc

After moving from India to the UK to study, Aiyesha felt excited but anxious to begin her course. But after receiving support and guidance from her lecturers throughout her Postgraduate study combined with her determination, she was able to overcome her obstacles and has learnt to embrace challenges along the way. 

“I have always found myself in roles where I had to lead a team, whether that was in school or at work. I chose to study MSc Project Management to help me improve on my people management skills and at the same time gain more knowledge in the subject area.

After studying my undergraduate degree in BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering, I found Birmingham City University and loved how welcoming and multicultural it is. This gave me the reassurance that I had chosen the right university.

Moving from India to the United Kingdom meant the whole curriculum was new to me and I was unsure on how the degree would be structured but with the support of my tutors I was able to overcome the challenges that I faced. Since the beginning of my course, they have always been very supportive and have taken the time to explain and advise, so that I get the best out of my course.

I did come across some obstacles through my university experience. In my final year it was tough for me to continue with my dissertation because of the responsibilities I had at home. Keeping up with other university assignments and projects was difficult but my lecturers were understanding and always encouraged me ahead to do my best. 

The course divulges into the theoretical topics and allows you to explore those topics in the real world. For example, since MSc in Project Management is associated with the APM accreditation, attending APM seminars and conferences whilst getting an education on the same subject area gives you more room to explore, learn and understand the different possibilities.

Throughout my time at BCU my confidence has grown massively. When I first began, I was reluctant to try new things but now my approach towards challenges, conducting my research, collaborating with professionals in industry has all allowed me to make the most of my university experience. Along with that I feel happier helping others and managing people.      

My future goals consist of joining an organisation where I can be a solution provider and asset for the establishment. My time at BCU has taught me to value my skills and knowledge. In the long term I hope to start my own company so that I have the ability to empower others, like BCU has empowered me.  

To me ‘I AM BCU’ means being confident, compassionate, and having an open mind. Above all embrace challenges with open arms and a smile.”

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