Joshua punches through the I am BCU logo

Joshua Reid

Landscape Architecture - BA

After feeling welcomed and inspired at an Open Day, Joshua knew BCU was the place for him. He rejected his first-choice university to apply to BCU and found it’s the best decision he’s ever made.

“I initially applied to BCU and put it as my insurance choice on my UCAS application. After being accepted by my first choice, I knew something didn’t feel right and I had a change of heart. I realised that I’d made a mistake by not choosing BCU.

I thought back to how I felt when I visited an Open Day at BCU and how natural it felt being there. I wasn’t expecting to like it, as it felt too close to home for me and I was convinced that I wanted to move far away. To my surprise, I instantly felt comfortable, the university felt modern and inspiring.

It was difficult rejecting my first-choice university, knowing that it would be safer to stick with it instead of going through Clearing. I knew I had to pursue the option that felt the most meaningful and authentic to me. Looking back, I am glad I made that decision and have never once regretted applying to BCU through Clearing.

Although I was confused and worried, the simplicity of the process and friendliness of the staff helped me realise I’d made the right choice immediately. I managed to speak to the course director who actually remembered me from the Open Day! He offered me a place on the course and answered all of my questions. I was excited to get started.

BCU also helped me in a way I didn’t expect. I came to university without a dyslexia diagnosis and the Student Support Team were able to help me through the process and get me diagnosed for free. Finding out I have dyslexia and other learning difficulties has meant I can get the help I need. I’ve been able to have extra time in my exams and on my assignments which has really helped. Thanks to the university, I’ve never felt overwhelmed or swamped with work. University will always be challenging but the extra support gave me the tools to cope with it. 

One of the best experiences I've had so far at university has been the collaboration between different disciplines within the School of Arts, Design and Media. It's been remarkable to see how different fields can come together and create something truly amazing. It's inspiring to work with people who have different perspectives and skills, people that I wouldn’t have met in other circumstances, including my partner!

Studying at BCU, as with studying at any university, has had highs and lows but I wouldn’t change any of it. I’m stronger and a better person because of my time at BCU. Now, I’m getting ready to graduate and I have already been offered a job with a major company in my industry, which feels amazing. I know going through Clearing was the best decision I ever made. I made it here and I succeeded!