How we built Birmingham’s tallest tower


This online lecture will explore some of the challenges of constructing a 26 storey tower, 103 Colmore Row, in the heart of Birmingham’s City Centre, and will make you look differently at the buildings you pass every day. It will give you a better understanding of the careers you could go on to after (or as part of) a degree in construction, quantity surveying or other built environment subjects.

This session will:

  • Introduce the stages and the complex processes involved in designing and constructing a tall building such as 103 Colmore Row
  • Reveal the huge variety of companies and roles involved in a huge construction project like this - including some you may never have considered
  • Tell the story of how BCU students worked with BAM on their final year project, what they delivered, and what skills and understanding they gained from working with a live project

Who should attend?

Anyone considering a career in designing or constructing buildings and who wants to know more about the careers and opportunities involved. Anyone advising or supporting people in learning more about career options.

Why join?

If you are interested in knowing how the tall buildings around you get designed and built, or if you want to find out about careers and opportunities in the built environment professions.

Or simply if you have seen this building in the city centre and want to know more about it!

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