Natalie Matthews

George Saunders Reimagined

For the George Saunders Reimagined Exhibition, Natalie  aimed to develop menswear tailoring by incorporating the story of a master tailor, George Saunders and his original 1970s blocks.

Fashion and Textiles student

Give us a brief overview of your project

My focus was on translating and creating garments that stayed true to the distinctive silhouette of the 1970s while infusing my own design elements into areas such as pockets and garment construction techniques.

Why did you choose this concept?

I was tasked with combining elements of George Saunders original blocks with modern 2020's styles to participate in the timeline of past and present tailoring. I choose to modernise the blocks to include elements of tailoring from tailors and luxury brands, which are the modern equivalent to master tailor like George Saunders.

What processes have you been using?

Tracing off George Saunders's blocks so as not to ruin them was the first step of the process. These were combined with sketches and CAD illustrations (hand drawn and using the Adobe Suite) to produce a series of altering patterns for my modern take on Saunders's work. Research into tailoring skills and finishing techniques was conducted and displayed in my final garments, sewn from a wool blend and satin silk.

What do you hope to achieve with your project?

I hope for people visiting the exhibition to gain an insight into the impact of George Saunder's work and how tailoring skills like the ones he used can still be used to inspire modern garments.

How has your course helped you to prepare for working on your project?

The course has helped us work collaboratively with both the Back to Backs, through the use of Saunders blocks, and with each other to create a harmonious timeliness of tailoring.

George Saunders Reimagined

Join us for "George Saunders: Reimagined," an extraordinary exhibition showcasing creative responses by students from Birmingham City University.