I Went to the School of Art Night School and This is What I Thought

As a creative myself, I am constantly looking for experiences that give me a chance to immerse myself in the world of art and creativity. So, when I heard about BCU's Night School, an evening of student-led exhibitions, open studios, and live performances, open to the public, I knew that was a place I needed to be at!

Drag show with people voting

From the moment I stepped into the building I was immediately captivated by the sense of community. There were students, artists, and art enthusiasts all in one room; it felt like Birmingham had united! It was inspiring to see how art has the power to bring people from diverse backgrounds together, united by their love for a common passion.

One of the things I loved about the Night School was how immersive it was: every single room of the campus was transformed into an art exhibition. There was a bar serving drinks in the atrium which are provided on a donation basis. It's a student-led fundraiser with all proceeds going to the School of Art degree shows, which is a nice touch.  As I wandered through the hallways and stared at all the pieces of art around me, I was in awe. There were paintings, videos, drawings and even people walking around in costumes. There was also a seminar room converted into a market filled with small businesses and student’s artwork which was available to purchase. The scale of the event was very impressive to me, and the effort put in is unforgettable. 

My favourite art piece was a video of a girl saying "I love you" repeatedly. The camera was zoomed in on her lips, and she said it in many ways - happy, angry, sad. There were seats for people to watch the video, which I found interesting. I liked the video because it had many different meanings, and it made me think deeply. This piece really inspired me to also create thought provoking work that means something different to everyone.

Beyond all of the art on display, the star of the show was the drag show that took place. The lights were dim, and the music was upbeat. It didn’t even feel like I was at a university but transported into a different world as the students came in their different outfits and hilarious antics. It was captivating and the audience were so encouraging to the performers. The drag show ended with an interactive audience vote allowing the audience to participate in selecting their favourite performer, this part was so exciting. It was a truly memorable and entertaining performance that showcased the creativity and self-expression that thrive within BCU's community.

Night School is more than just an event; it's a celebration of creativity, community, and self-expression. It's a place where aspiring artists can immerse themselves in the creative process, discover new talents, and experience the power of art to inspire, entertain, and challenge. If you're a creative student or art enthusiast looking for a vibrant environment to nurture your creative passions, Birmingham City University's Night School is an unmissable event.

I would highly recommend this event to anyone interested in art or simply looking for a fun and creative night out. Mark your calendars for the next BCU Night School and prepare to be captivated by the creativity.

BA (Hons) Business Marketing student

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