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  • Professor Michael Ward

    Professor of MEMS Technology

    Michael Ward is Professor of MEMS Technology at Birmingham City University. Although formally trained as a physicist, Michael has spent thirty years working within microelectronics and micro engineering. After graduating from Imperial College London, he studied his PhD at the University of Warwick. While working at the RSRE...

  • Professor Wenyan Wu

    Professor in Advanced System Engineering

    Prof Wenyan Wu is a Professor in Advanced System Engineering in the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment at Birmingham City University. She has extensive interdisciplinary research and teaching experience across Computing, Engineering and Technology. Her knowledge and expertise are across boundaries of...

  • Junfeng Yang

    Lecturer in Automotive Engineering

    Junfeng Yang has over 8 years’ experience in delivering high-quality research focused on thermo and fluid dynamics using computational and experimental fluid dynamics techniques.His multi-disciplinary background includes: combustion science and technology, aerodynamics of road vehicles, vehicle safety, heat and mass transfer. ...

  • Man-Fai Yau

    Senior Lecturer

    Man-Fai has 10 years' experience in private sector industry, two years' with a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) and 12 years' university lecturing.

24 items found, viewing items 21 to 24.