Although not limited solely to these areas, our research extends across the technologies and professions exploring some of the latest developments in computing, software engineering and cyber security; digital media; vehicle and engine technology; spatial planning; built and natural environment management; sustainable and low-carbon technologies.

PhD Opportunities

The Centre for Cyber Security

This Centre focuses on allying the technological, economic or societal implications to combat cyber threats by new security and privacy practices. Foundational research deals with current and novel ICT designs and products for creating a secure smarter environment.

The Centre for Cyber Security

Digital Technology Lab

Within the School of Computing and Digital Technology, this multidisciplinary research group works on Audio Technology and Digital Signal Processing. Research focuses on image, sound, and video processing and their applications in music, TV, film, multimedia systems and mixed reality.

The Digital Technology Lab

The Centre for Software Engineering

Formed in 2013, this new Centre works in the area of both empirical and formal software engineering, and the combination of the two. The Centre undertakes research to make strong connections between theories of software and engineering practice.

The Centre for Software Engineering

Knowledge Based Engineering Lab

We offer industry, commerce and professionals access to specialists for delivery of teaching, training, research and commercial projects in the areas of Design Systems Automation, KBE, Knowledge Management for Design Systems and Decision Support Systems.


Enterprise Systems Academy

Our team of researchers focus on areas of key interest for the large Enterprise Systems Management firms to ensure research is as relevant and up to date as possible. Researchers also act as teaching assistants on courses giving you access to leading software the latest strategic thinking in industry.

Enterprise Systems

The Centre for Environment and Society Research

With environmental concerns high on political and private agendas, this Centre considers how planning policy and technology affect trends both in society and the environment in light of historical, contemporary and future contexts.

Centre for Environment and Society Research

The Centre for Low Carbon Research

This Centre tackles energy consumption and the creation of a more sustainable society – a major focus of funding from EU/UK governments and research councils – through close-to-market research exploring alternative energy sources and the reduction of energy demand.

The Centre for Low Carbon Research

This work also informs our academic programmes, with emerging technologies and new developments ensuring that our courses remain relevant and up-to-date.

Research In Our Schools

School of Engineering and the Built Environment

Work focuses on human intervention in the physical environment, with the aim of improving current and future conditions. The team is particularly interested in exploring the problematic gaps between professions, between planning strategy and policy, and between the academic and professional worlds.

School of Computing and Digital Technology

Digital Technologies staff are involved in a number of exciting research projects. They work within three closely related and often overlapping research groups: Digital Audio Processing, Digital Image and Video Processing, and Digital Media Distribution.

School of Engineering and the Built Environment

Engineering staff work collaboratively with business, industrial and academic partners to develop ‘real world’ applied solutions across a range of themes, including knowledge based engineering, bioenergy and enterprise systems.

The School of Computing and Digital Technology

The School of Computing and Digital Technology engages in applied research in a range of areas related to the capture, use, transmission and security of data and information. Research is carried out in three research groups: Enterprise Informatics, Intelligent Systems, and Networks and Forensics Security.