Professional Navigator

“Hello, I am Nicola, and I work as a Professional Navigator for the Faculty. I am available via the Academic Development Department (ADD).

Academic Development Department (ADD)
0121 331 6162 or 0121 331 7184

"I help health and social care professionals to choose the right Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. Many people call to find out which courses can top up their diploma into a degree, or for further information about research postgraduate options. Others need to update their skills to remain members of a professional body or to specialise in a new area.

"You don’t need all your certificates to hand when you call: I can find out what qualifications you have and where you’ve worked. Often, we’ll then meet face-to-face so we can discuss where you want to be.

I can advise on the short courses we offer, which don’t bear credits but teach new workplace skills, and flexible study options. I also help international professionals carry out qualification comparisons.

Nicola Clarke