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Top tips for becoming an employable student

There are loads of things you can do alongside your degree to help you on your way to becoming a seriously employable uni student. Let final year student Olivia tell you what she's been up to outside of her studies to put her in good stead for when she graduates

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[00:00:03] Olivia Hi, my name is Olivia, and here are my top tips on becoming an employable uni student.

[00:00:12] My first tip might seem a bit obvious, but it's getting a part time job that will give you great experience and really build your work ethic, and it's something that you can relay back on when you're attending other interviews in the future. I for example, I'm a content creator for the university, what I'm doing right this second. And there's also other student jobs available as well at the university.

[00:00:35] At BCU, we have the graduate plus scheme, which allows students to gain really valuable employability skills, you can take part in activities, attend events, work on your CV, and that all helps with your individual confidence, as well as getting ready for the world of work. I personally took part in some of the graduate plus scheme and I honestly had so much fun and it also boosted my CV. So it was kind of the best of both worlds, really.

[00:01:01] As well as the graduate plus scheme, I've personally just been trying to get involved in my course as much as I can, whether that's attending events or being a part of awards evenings for someone else that might look like joining a society or a club or getting involved with an extracurricular activities such as Duke of Edinburgh Award.

[00:01:19] So overall, just make sure you're making the most of your university experience. Thank you for listening.