Student wearing headphones with back to camera looking at two computer screen and and working.

Time management tips

This video covers how to develop your time management skills to successfully balancing and manage your workload, including how to prioritise tasks, set realistic goals and create a schedule.

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[00:00:03] Speaker 1: Time management is a great skill to have within life. Balancing and managing important things within your time is something that employers look for within their employees. So what are the best tips out there for managing your time.
[00:00:16] Jack: Prioritising tasks. One of the best tips to start off with is to define what tasks to prioritise. Write down a list of tasks on a piece of paper along with deadlines, then organise the tasks in order of priority. This will give you a guide on what to do and lessen your stress.
[00:00:33] Paulina: Checklists. Another great tip is using checklists. If you're writing things down and checking them off at the same time, you can make sure nothing is forgotten.
[00:00:43] Jack: Creating rewards. Creating rewards is a great method to actually make sure you get things done. You can choose your own rewards.
[00:00:50] Speaker 1: Setting realistic goals. The biggest achievements we make in life are the ones that take the longest. Try using the smart method, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely to create your goals.
[00:01:05] Paulina: Creating a schedule. Blocking out your calendar for your work is a useful habit to get into. You can be serious about your scheduling by breaking up your slots into 15 minute or 30 minute slots, or you can keep it brief by roughly planning your days in advance.
[00:01:21] Speaker 1: Eliminate distractions. In this digital age, distractions are everywhere. It is very easy for us to get distracted. A great it is to try leaving your phone in a completely different room or on silent. Or you can download apps that take your phone offline.
[00:01:37] Paulina: Get some rest. Getting rest is very important. When you're tired, you don't function as well. Sleep increases productivity, which is vital when getting your task accomplished.
[00:01:48] Jack: Take a break. Taking breaks in between tasks is an effective time management skill to develop. This allows you to recharge so that you can go back into your work. Try grabbing a drink or going for a short walk for some fresh air.