Our Finance experts' tips for new students

There’s a lot to think about when you’re getting ready for uni, and you might find yourself stressing about how to get everything in order– particularly your finances. Finance expert Jackie Bryant from our Student Support team is here to share her advice for students starting university in September, and tell you what you can do now that will make your life easier in the long run!

Apply for your student finance as soon as possible

Student Finance England opens for applications for full time undergraduate students in the February before the September start. You don't need to wait for confirmation of your place on a course to apply, or to have firmed your decisions, you can simply enter an indicative course choice - so get going as soon as you can!

Put aside some pocket money for your first week

If possible, try to put a little money aside for the first week or so of your course. This is because you may not receive your first Student Finance England payment until the end of the first week, so this safety buffer can really help.

Create a budget

Try to put a budget sheet together before you start University to make sure that you can meet all of your essential study and living costs. You can use free online resources such as Blackbullion to help you put a budget together.

Research student bank accounts

Student bank accounts offer loads of perks, from interest free overdrafts to discounts on eating out. If you plan to open a student bank account, don’t automatically go with the bank that you are already using as that might not offer you the best deal. You can use online comparison sites such as Money Saving Expert and Compare The Market to find the best one for you.

Be savvy when it comes to your course materials

Don’t spend lots of money on books or equipment before considering how you can make this cheaper for yourself. Can you get some of the books from the library? Can you share a core text book with another person on your course? Or can you buy books second hand?

If you're thinking about joining BCU, use our portal to find extra funding

You can use the University Open4learning resource to search for additional financial support. The platform features over 2,500 local and regional funding opportunities.

Access further help and advice

Different universities offer different support, but all will be able to signpost you to relevant finance support to help you with your budgeting and finances. If you are worried about money or need support to access the right funding or put a budget together, contact Student Support for help and advice.