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Academic support available at uni

Universities want to make sure that your experience is as positive as possible, which is why there’s usually a whole host of support available to help you with everything from your assignments to your finances. Here at BCU, to help with the academic side of things, we have the Centre for Academic Success (CAS). Here’s how it can help you out.

What is the Centre for Academic Success?

The Centre for Academic Success is the University's central learning development service. We understand that there can be a big difference between the school or college work you’ve been completing, and the kind of projects and assessments you might have to complete at university, so our aim is to help you develop all of the necessary academic, technical and numerical skills you need to progress and successfully complete your course.

What CAS can help with:

  •        Academic essay and report writing
  •        English
  •        Referencing
  •        Dissertations
  •        Presentation skills
  •        Maths and statistics
  •        Computing and programming
  •        Project management
  •        Study skills

Accessing their support

BCU students are able to access support in a number of ways. Whether you’d like a tailored assignment draft or a more informal group workshop, there’s something for everyone. You can find out more about CAS here.

Further support

Students with specific learning differences (such as Dyslexia) can receive the same level of support with any necessary reasonable adjustments. You can also receive specialised support around this through our enablement team.

Clearing - give us a call card - clearing hotline

Clearing 2024

If you're considering your options for university this year, Clearing is a way for students to find the right course and university. Whether you aren't sure you'll meet your predicted grades, you've changed your mind about your firm choice, or you haven't applied yet, Clearing could be for you!

Find out more about Clearing

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