Venkatesh Vijay

Name: Venkatesh Chennam Vijay

Research Title: Enhancing practical learning experience in virtual laboratories through knowledge based physical interaction.

Name of Director of Studies: Professor Mel Lees

Key Contact Details - Email:

About the Project: This research explores knowledge based tools and techniques for physical interaction that can enhance the practical leaning experience in virtual learning environment.

Research Activities: A case study approach will be adopted, utilising mixed methods such as informal interviews, questionnaires and observations to identify the requirements for incorporating interaction in virtual laboratory.

The research will critically review the existing literatures in virtual laboratories to identify and evaluate physical interaction challenges and mechanism to improve it from a virtual learning perspective.

Achievements: Thomas, A. M., Vijay, V. C., Raju, P., Chapman, C., Chima, P., Mathur, A., & Chemaly, A. (2013). Parametric virtual laboratory development: A hydropower case study with student perspectives. Advances in Engineering Software, 64, 62–70. doi:10.1016/j.advengsoft.2013.04.006