Current research students

Research Students - Built Environment

Student Programme Subject Area Director of Studies
Almabrok Alakhal PhD, Full Time The Changing Pattern of Libyan Urban Form Professor Peter Larkham
Abdul-Rasheed Amidu PhD, Part Time Expertise development in commercial valuation practice Professor David Boyd
Veronica Barry PhD, Full Time A place for food: a critical exploration of the role of food in healthy planning in the UK Professor Peter Larkham
M. Selcuk Cıdık PhD, Full Time The use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) in interdisciplinary design team collaboration in construction projects Professor David Boyd
Emmanuel Esezobor PhD, Full Time Sustainability in construction project management; public sector projects in West Africa Professor David Boyd
Sivagayinee Ganeshamoorthy PhD, Full Time Impact of Building Information Modelling (BIM): transformation of project team roles Dr Niraj Thurairajah
Abigail Jackson PhD, Full Time "No Place like a rented home?" Examining the effects of eviction and security of tenure on social wellbeing and community engagement in the private rented sector Julian Sidoli del Ceno
Mohammad Mayouf PhD, Full Time Incorporating building operation in design in BIM (Building Information Modelling) Professor David Boyd
Amanda Mundell PhD, Part Time Community understanding of material planning considerations Professor Peter Larkham
Abigail Robson PhD, Full Time Building Information Modelling (BIM) and contractor costing in the supply chain Professor David Boyd
Julian Sidoli del Ceno PhD by submission of published works Law, Dispute Resolution and the Built Environment Prof David Edwards
Antony Taft PhD, Part Time How to ensure a smooth transition to new collaborative working practices be enabled when BIM is introduced within an SME Construction Design Organisation Professor David Boyd

Research Students - Engineering

Student Programme Subject Area Director of Studies
Joshua Adegoke PhD, Full Time Optimisation of energy supply chain in Nigeria for hydrogen fuel production Dr Manjit Srai
Ardavan Amini PhD, Part Time Enterprise systems tools and applications Professor Hanifa Shah
Shiva Babu PhD, Full Time Modelling and evaluating technologies used within the creation of knowledge based engineering-driven virtual product development Professor Craig Chapman
Mohit Bhardwaj PhD, Full Time A systematic approach to governance for enterprise systems implementation Professor Craig Chapman
Maxim Filimonov PhD, Full Time Logic modelling of systems interaction for design automation purposes Dr Pathmeswaran Raju
Timothy James PhD, Part Time Influence of waste water sequestration of CO2 from flue gases using microalgae Dr Lynsey Melville
Vahid Javidroozi PhD, Full Time An analysis of business process change to integrate systems and services in the context of smart city development Professor Hanifa Shah
Jens Lahr PhD, Part Time An investigation into the parameters controlling fill levels of piston cooling galleries in diesel engines Dr David Ashman
Sahdia Maryam MPhil, Part Time Addressing the viability of Fuel Cell (FC) Hybridisation for road transportation Dr Manjit Srai
Sri Laxmi Palle PhD, Full Time Interactive augmented reality for knowledge representation and product design Professor Craig Chapman
Roshni Paul PhD, Full Time Anaerobic Digestion of algae biomass Dr Lynsey Melville
Mohammad Rabbani PhD, Full Time Optimum design of artificial hip joints Professor Hanifa Shah
Joshua Stimson PhD, Full Time Optimisation of Monochromator Crystal Configuration for Next Generation Synchrotron Energies Professor Michael Ward
Vibhor Trehan PhD, Full Time Modelling and representation of design engineering components for automation Professor Craig Chapman
Daniel Underwood PhD, Part Time Model Based Requirements Management Dr Pathmeswaran Raju
Venkatesh Vijay PhD, Full Time Enhanced distance learning experience through three dimensional knowledge representations Professor Mel Lees
Andy Williams PhD, Part Time Quantification of plausibility cross-checks between physically related measurements in safety related machine control systems Dr Manjit Srai
Light Zaglago PhD, Full Time Investigating the impact of culture on knowledge management in design manufacturing automation industries Professor Craig Chapman

Research Students - Computing

Student Programme Subject Area Director of Studies
Fatima Abdallah PhD, Full Time Making Sense of Data in Smart Environments Professor Sharon Cox
Lamya Abdullah PhD, Full Time Security information systems for mitigating cyber threats Professor Ali Abdallah
Salameh Abu Rmeileh PhD, Full Time e-health monitoring: autonomous smart space with decision support Dr Esther Palomar
Aliyu Lawal Aliyu PhD, Full Time Secure Controller framework for Software Define Network (SDN) Dr Peter Bull
Diana Haidar PhD, Full Time Big Data Analytics for Supporting Risk Mitigation Decisions Dr Iffat Gheyas
Andrew James McKeown MPhil, Full Time An investigation into the efficiency of broad-band power line communication within a residential setting Dr Tony Wilcox
Stephen Murphy PhD, Part Time Improving Adoption of Open Source Software in SMEs Professor Sharon Cox
Asma Patel PhD, Full Time Date structures in context modelling for behavioural analysis Dr Esther Palomar
Xiaomei Tao PhD, Part Time Enhancing electronic tutoring systems by responding to affective states Dr Martyn Ratcliffe
Margarita Velasco-Olvera PhD, Full Time Adaptation for replace-ability in web services interoperability David While
Thomas Wagner PhD, Full Time Sharing threats to mitigate cyber attacks Professor Ali Abdallah