Mark Digby

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
PTC Prize for Outstanding Mechanical or Automotive Engineering

You’d think that working full-time alongside your degree might limit your achievements. Not for Mark Digby. This committed mature student picked up some remarkable results - including the highest mark we’ve ever seen in his final year modules!

A challenge …. that paid off

Mark’s the first to admit it wasn’t easy. “I enjoyed my course,” he says, but he’s realistic about the amount of work involved. “It was very difficult as a part-time student. A long day at uni, plus normal work and assignments at weekends make it a challenge. But,” he concludes, “it was worth it in the end.”

Great for skills and self-confidence

With a total of 25 years of work experience in some cutting edge companies behind him, Mark’s well-placed to judge the quality of the course. He’s got plenty of praise for “some very good lecturers”, especially the online information they provide to help with self-teaching and revision. “My studies have consolidated my skills and provided self-confidence to tackle more challenging problems and work towards Chartered Engineer status,” he explains.

A well-earned break

Mark is still busy at Mercedes Benz HighPerformanceEngines, the company who supported him through his studies. He’s taking a well-earned year out from his studies to spend his new found spare time on his other passion – refurbishing classic cars. But we’re pretty sure higher academic pursuits are just around the corner…….

Take a tip

So what’s Mark’s advice for other students in the same boat? “It’s a very short period of your life and will pass very quickly. Learn as much as you can.” And take a tip from the expert: “Start those assignments as soon as you get them and your life will be much easier!”