Kainos Digital Grant

Are you a female undergraduate student currently studying Computing or Digital Technology? If so, you could be eligible to apply for a scholarship fund of up to £1,000 with the Kainos Digital grant.


What is the Kainos Digital Grant?

There are two levels to the Kainos Grant. Level one is £1,000, level two is £500.

This scholarship has been designed to support current female students, in the study of a computing related degree, at Birmingham City University, within the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment. Not only will the grant allow students to purchase digital devices, books, and support general living costs, it comes with mentorship and work placement opportunities to encourage and inspire undergraduate women throughout their academic journey.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for the scholarship, you’ll need to demonstrate a commitment to and a success in computer programming through your current studies.  You’ll be asked to do this by completing an MS Forms application form, adding standard personal information, as well as the following supporting statements:

  1. Submit up to 200 words entitled “How a career in technology can benefit our society”; and
  2. Submit up to 300 words of explanation as to why you should receive this grant - this could include things such as caring responsibilities, additional learning needs or that you are first person in the family to go to university. You will need to state how the grant would help your journey into a career in technology, and how you might plan to use the grant.

Your application will be judged by a panel comprising members of the University and the sponsoring company, Kainos.

The panel will assess student’s needs, suitability and motivation for the Digital grant using a scoring matrix, the typical criteria includes;

  • Female undergraduate students from CDT-based courses with a further emphasis on those from economically disadvantaged areas
  • Those who demonstrate a commitment and success in computer programming through their previous and current studies and/or extra curricula activities

Who is eligible for the Kainos Digital grant?

You are eligible to apply for the scholarship if:

  • You are currently studying a full-time or part-time Computing related degree, at Birmingham City University, within the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment.
  • You are a female student.
  • You are aged 18+

For more information, please contact cebecareers@bcu.ac.uk.