Tauseef Asif

Computer Networks and Security - BSc (Hons)

Tauseef was determined to be the first in his family to attend university. Since starting his degree in Computer Networks and Security, he has pushed himself beyond his comfort zone. Being nervous on his first day at Birmingham City University and lacking self-confidence, he never imagined that he would soon publish his first fiction novel, and walk on glass in front of a huge audience!

"I always knew I wanted to go to university and study computing. As soon as I started to learn about computer networks in college, I made up my mind that I wanted to take up this course. I went to a few different university open days and taster days but when I went to the Birmingham City University Open Day, it felt different, like I actually belonged here.

I was actually quite nervous on the very first day, but the tutors and staff are really friendly, and they made me feel at ease. I am grateful that I became a part of Birmingham City University and that I stepped outside of my comfort zone. I have changed a lot since I started university. I started taking part in activities that were happening on campus, such as the Graduate+ awards.  Now, I have more focus and sacrifice my time to get work done.

BCU has given me a whole new identity and has provided me with incredible opportunities to grow and learn. Apart from learning a host of new skills, I would say the biggest thing that I have gained is self-confidence. I started delivering presentations, taking part in Q&A sessions and even walked on glass in front of a huge audience on campus. All the while I had butterflies in my stomach, but this boosted my confidence to do things in public.

The Computer Networks and Security course and the CEBE careers team have enhanced my skills to help me succeed, both professionally and academically. The careers team provided me with valuable advice to help me improve my CV and LinkedIn profile.

I am the type of individual who loves to speak to people, share knowledge and inspire others to do good within the community as well as be successful at BCU. I am proud I completed my Graduate + award and showcased my work to inspire students at my previous college. My work at the college was recognised by Asian World News and Birmingham Mail. I was also interviewed for a Sky documentary and was given the title of an ‘Unsung Hero’. On top of all of this, I went on to publish my first fiction book which I have shared with my friends and tutors. These achievements demonstrate the good luck I have had whilst being at BCU.

When I graduate, I am hoping to stay within this industry and inspire young people to follow what they are passionate about. A small motto that I made for myself which helps me to strive further is ‘Today… I will always build my tomorrow’. Meaning today, I will plan, but tomorrow I will act upon it; today I will dream of my goal, and tomorrow I will try in fulfilling that purpose.

‘I AM BCU’ is a powerful statement, I am really grateful that I am getting to experience being part of Birmingham City University. I am proud to not only be part of it, but to be a part of a family!"

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