Martin Svejda

Computer Research Degrees - PhD

After graduating with a first-class degree in Computer Science, Martin continued in further education and is now in his first year of research towards a PhD in Computational Neuroscience. He has also been able to start a career in his desired industry as a Senior Technician at the University. 

My achievements over the years have led me to where I am today. I’ve executed research into the medical field, completed all tiers of the Graduate+ scheme, gained over 25 world-wide recognised certificates and I’ve visited China on placement. During my placement I supervised students to visit a sister University in Wuhan. In the same year of working at Birmingham City University, I was presented with an Extra Mile Award and the Vice-chancellor and Student Union’s president award.  

I completed an undergraduate degree with a first-class honours in Computer Science and during my course, I had a feeling I’d like to study further. This decision was powered mainly by observing my tutors, I wanted to become a helpful and inspirational figure like they were to me. It was a blast, I enjoyed every minute at BCU, and still do!

I am currently in my first year of research to a PHD in Computational Neuroscience and will be continuing my PG Certificate in research, as I have been offered a full-time scholarship from BCU.

I have felt welcome at BCU since day one! I had the advantage of being known as the working student when I started my position, but all the new staff members were extremely kind and supportive in my role. I feel part of the community and always strive to extend this welcome to students and colleagues.     

In my current role, I have already been so involved with the BCU community. I’ve been in charge of a software company that was created here on-premises where I led internal and external projects alike and helped nearly 40 students gain crucial experience. This included software creation but also in experiencing real-life work situations as well as allowing them to make some extra cash. I helped to organise and support a Santander’s pitch event where societies pitched their ideas for events and were then awarded some extra funds to support those. I love both taking part and organising events of any kind.

I have also been supported throughout my employment so far, which is really helpful, as this is my first graduate job. I was provided with the necessary equipment and have met lots of new people. I have some additional pieces of training lined up and have continuous opportunity to gain new knowledge and try out different options within my role. 

Working at BCU makes me feel empowered at work and the degree of freedom I have in my research is unlike anything I have experienced in any other work environment. I like the benefits of meeting new people and travel. I find most rewarding, supporting students, whether it is talking to new potential students about life at University, or helping support assignments. 

Throughout my time at the University, I want to be a research-active teaching staff member and then become a doctor of philosophy or perhaps even a professor.   

Overall, I am most grateful of the fact that any time I wanted to do something, BCU always gave me the tools and helped along the way to achieve absolutely anything I set my mind to. All of this inspiration has given me the ability to empower current students and enjoy successes of others as much as my own! 

To me, ‘I AM BCU’ means an opportunity to share with others the story of my success. If not success than a journey at least. It means I can help empower people to drive themselves further and help them make decisions and realise that everything is possible, as long as one sets their mind to it.”

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