Marta Muracka

Mechanical Engineering - BEng (Hons)

Going to university was something Marta had always wanted to do. Her family had encouraged her to pursue a degree in medicine. However, Marta decided to study an area more suited to her interests in space and technology. Studying Mechanical Engineering at BCU, has given her the chance  to get involved with the fun side of her degree, like Formula Student. She now feels like she is a part of a warm and welcoming environment.

"My family have always pursued higher education, so it was assumed that I would too. Given my personal interests, my family always encouraged me to pursue a science degree and at first I wanted to study medicine. However, after finishing high school and beginning work I was unsure if it was the right career choice for me. In the end, I realised that with my interest in space and technology, an engineering degree would be perfect for me as it means I am at the frontier of innovation.

I moved to the UK four years ago as an EU student so although I have my EU qualifications, I also pursued A-level Maths to make sure I would match BCU's entry requirements. Since starting at Birmingham City University, I have been able to get involved with anything and everything.

I found Welcome Week to be very engaging with plenty of activities that weren't just introducing us to our course, but also getting us involved together as a group showing us the fun side of our degrees. For instance, all the engineering students went to RAF Cosford for a day trip, where we tackled challenges and quizzes.

My experience at BCU has been fantastic, the University truly does have a very open community full of people willing to make a difference. From extensive student union's participation, like societies, all the way to extra-curricular like Formula Student. If anyone ever has any doubts, there will always be someone available to help and walk you through.

Seeing my personal tutor on a weekly basis provided me with support for my practical modules. I’ve also found it helpful that I can book private study rooms so I have a chance to brainstorm a project with my peers.

Since joining BCU I have changed in a lot of ways. I have first and foremost become a near-extrovert, due to how easy I have found it to talk to students and staff - as I am naturally shy. I thought going from a full-time job to full-time study would leave me feeling exhausted, especially given the amount of time I spend on campus. However, I feel a lot more energised and ready to tackle anything. I suppose it's all down to expectation. What I imagined university to be like was very different to what it actually is like, but I adjusted thanks to feeling like I am welcome and part of a community.

‘I AM BCU’ to me means you have pride in where you study, that this isn't just another academic body; it's a place with a community and flair. A place that makes sure you are involved and your voice is heard. I am definitely proud in being part of BCU".

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