Will life after COVID-19 ever be the same again?


Two leading industry experts have joined forces to discuss the future of the UK post-coronavirus crisis.

From workplaces, entertainment and lifestyles, will life ever really be the same again once this has all ended? Is now the time, and the opportunity, for the UK to change, for the better?

In the Centre for Brexit Studies podcast latest episode, Centre for Brexit Studies Director Professor Alex de Ruyter and Professor Phil Tomlinson, Visiting Professor at the Centre for Brexit Studies and Professor of Industrial Strategy at the University of Bath, discuss the impact COVID-19 is having on the UK so far and if the Government is doing enough to support industries hit hard by lockdown measures.

They experts also discuss if there could be a rise in flexible working after lockdown has been eased, and if ‘gig economy’ and self-employed workers will be demanding more rights and support in the wake of the crisis.

They also discuss the impact the crisis is having on front line workers, as well as if the entertainment, hospitality, travel and fitness industries could ever recover from the impact of coronavirus. 

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