The Centre for Brexit Studies is pleased to present its monthly series of podcasts which aim to communicate the many issues surrounding Britain's exit from the European Union to a wider audience in a much more accessible way.


Whether you like to have something informative to listen to on your commute to work or something to chew over during lunch, we have a Brexit based podcast for you.

Each month a new offering is released, featuring academics from the Centre for Brexit Studies, BCU students and other 'Brexperts'.

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November 2019

Each political party are currently campaigning across the UK, on everything from equal pay and the NHS to immigration and of course, Brexit, in preparation for December’s General Election, where voters are heading to the polls on the 12 December.

However, the approach of the festive season hasn’t impacted the Election campaigns at all, with digs and accusations being anything but merry and bright. But what can we expect from the last few weeks of campaigning? The Conservative Party are currently doing well in the polls, but if the 2017 election, where the Tories failed to get a majority, taught us anything, it’s that anything can change.

In this episode, we are joined by Dr Katy Hayward, Reader in Sociology at Queen’s University Belfast and Senior Fellow at the UK in a Changing Europe initiative, and Dr Steven McCabe, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Brexit Studies.

October 2019

What impact could Brexit have on the Irish Border and the Good Friday Agreement? What has been the DUP’s role in the Brexit process? What does Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal mean for Northern Ireland? And what impact could Brexit have on the people of Northern Ireland and their economy, jobs and future?

We recently launched our new book, in conjunction with Bite-Sized Books, titled ‘Brexit and Northern Ireland: Bordering on Confusion?’ at two events, the first being in London, and the second taking place in Belfast. At these events, we sat down with Dr Graham Gudgin and Dr Leslie Budd to discuss Brexit’s impact on Northern Ireland.

September 2019

Brexit has caused a spike in hate crime both online and offline. What is it about the Referendum which has caused hate crime across religions, cultures and more, and what can we expect once the UK has left the EU?

In this episode, we are joined by Dr Steven McCabe, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Brexit Studies and Graham Eardley, Chairman of UKIP Walsall and National Spokesman for UKIP, to discuss hate crime, the Tory's ongoing Islamophobia and Labour's Anti-Semitic issues, how Brexit has had an impact and what the future has in store.

August 2019

In our latest podcast episode, we are joined by Kathryn Stanczyszyn, BBC Politics Reporter and Peter Madeley, Politics Editor at the Express and Star, to discuss Boris Johnson’s new role of Prime Minister, and what this means for the Brexit process.

Two weeks into his role, the UK waits in anticipation of BoJo’s next move and if he really will be able to deliver Brexit. Topics discussed in the episode include Boris’s past, future and the road to him becoming PM, as well as his stance on Brexit that makes him different to Theresa May, what he could be remembered for during his premiership, and a possible General Election on the horizon.

We also discuss Boris’s role of a Journalist and if this has helped him get to where he is today, how news has changed since June 2016 and what the reaction has been to Boris as PM in the West Midlands.

July 2019

In our latest podcast episode, we are joined by Malcolm Harbour CBE, Conservative MEP for the West Midlands from 1999 to 2014 and Mike Leonard, CEO at Building Alliance and Visiting Professor in Manufacturing and the Built Environment at Birmingham City University, to discuss the possible impact that Brexit will have on the Construction industry.

June 2019

In our latest podcast episode, we are joined by Dr Rebecca Semmens-Wheeler, Lecturer in Psychology, and Kim Moore, Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing, to discuss the impact that Brexit, and the current state of British politics, is having on the public's mental health and how we can cope with the country's uncertainty on our health and well-being.

May 2019

In our latest podcast episode, we are joined by Dr Jacob Salder, Research Fellow in the Centre for Enterprise, Innovation and Growth at Birmingham City University, and David Hearne, Researcher at Centre for Brexit Studies to discuss the West Midlands growth and development, and how Brexit will impact the region.

April 2019

Professor David Bailey from Aston University and Graham Eardley, Chairman of UKIP Walsall, debate the impact that Brexit could have on manufacturing and the automotive industry in the UK.

March 2019

The Centre for Brexit Studies Annual Conference returns on March 29! In our latest podcast, we chat with five of the guest speakers taking to the stage at the event, including Professor Alex de Ruyter, Beverley Nielsen, David 'Sideman' Whitely, Dr Leslie Budd and John Clancy, who share what they will be discussing at the Conference.

The second Annual Conference, taking place at The RSA, will also see the likes of Sir Vince Cable, Sir Bernard Jenkin, Professor Vernon Bogdanor take to the stage, as well as panel debates including Vicky Pryce, John Mills, Raymond Snoddy, Professor David Bailey, Dr Elizabeth Norton, Tom Leeson, Ian Henry, John Mair, Liz Gerard, Joshua Hockley-Still, John Clancy and Yasmeen Zaman as well as Centre for Brexit Studies Director Professor Alex de Ruyter and the Centre’s academics.

The event is FREE to attend. Find out more and register for your ticket here: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/centre-for-b…ts-56168956862


October 2018

We have now moved into the critical phase of Brexit negotiations, but as yet there is still relatively little clear guidance on what leaving the EU could mean for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

SME expert Dr Jacob Salder, discusses what Brexit could mean for these businesses and how to prepare.

September 2018

Centre Researcher David Hearne and Visiting Professor Lesley Budd share their thoughts on borders, customs arrangements and Northern Ireland.

Technical note from David Hearne: AFAIK engines and all assemblies are shipped from Hams Hall direct to Oxford. Subcomponents, however, do come from Germany.

August 2018

Brexit means Brexit for the UK, we have voted for a border away from the EU, but what if you're a small overseas territory that's technically part of Britain and you don't want this?

Dr Arantza Gomez-Arana discusses the history of 'The Rock', her latest research and why the people there really don't want a hard border.

July 2018

Professor John Clancy, the former leader of Birmingham City Council, current councillor for Quinton Ward and visiting professor with the Centre for Brexit Studies, discusses his in depth analysis of the 2017 accounts from the EU Commission with the Director for the Centre for Brexit Studies, Professor Alex de Ruyter.

June 2018

Visiting Professor Stephen Bridges and Communications Officer Jessica Guy discuss America, Trump, the 'special relationship', trade deals and Brexit.

May 2018

Visiting Professor Stephen Bridges and Communications Officer Jessica Guy discuss America, Trump, the 'special relationship', trade deals and Brexit.

April 2018

As Brexit continues to dominate UK headlines with feelings of uncertainty amongst businesses regarding their workforce post-Brexit, the Centre for Brexit Studies discusses HR and Employment Law and what changes we can expect to see.

Featuring Honorary Associate, Sukhwinder Salh and Communications Officer, Jessica Guy.

March 2018

As manufacturing finds itself amidst a fourth industrial revolution driven by data and information based services, we ask enterprise information management giants, OpenText for their views on what Brexit adds to the challenge.

Featuring OpenText's Industry Strategist for Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Thomas Leeson, Centre for Brexit Studies Director, Professor Alex de Ruyter and Communications Officer, Jessica Guy.

February 2018

The next in our series of podcasts from the Centre for Brexit Studies looks back on the most recent round of Roadshows, focusing on how the findings compare from last year's events and what the key issues are for voters from these constituencies.

Featuring Centre Director Professor: Alex de Ruyter, Researcher: David Hearne and Communications Officer: Jessica Guy.

January 2018

One Year Anniversary Special – Our Top Ten Brexit Facts

One year on from the opening of the Centre for Brexit Studies we look back on our findings and what we've learned so far. Featuring Centre Director Professor Alex de Ruyter, Research Assistant David Hearne and Communications Officer Jessica Guy.

December 2017

The first Centre for Brexit Studies podcast with Centre Director Alex de Ruyter and Communications Officer Jessica Guy, discusses the recent findings from the first Brexit Roadshow which took place during November and December 2017.