Will focusing on ‘British Values’ bring voters back to the Labour Party?


Centre for Brexit Studies Senior Fellow Dr Steven McCabe has discussed the Labour Party after the party had to defend its renewed focus on British values and the union jack after a leaked strategy document was criticised by some within the party.

The document has been criticised by a number of left-wing MPs who said it risked alienating young voters and lacked ambition and authenticity. However, some of the party’s former MPs defended the strategy, saying it showed the party wanted to rebuild trust.

In a video shared today, Dr McCabe discussed if Labour’s decision to ‘embrace the Union Jack’ could work to win votes that they lost at the last election.

The expert also discussed where the party is going wrong after polls suggest they are struggling to overturn Conservative support during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as if we could expect to see Sir Keir Starmer leave the role this year and what could happen for the party in this year’s local elections.

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