Will Birmingham 2022 give the region its chance to shine?


Four leading industry experts have joined forces to discuss the Commonwealth Games, which will be taking place in Birmingham and across the West Midlands in 2022.

Last year, the Government announced that the event will cost £778 million and with over 1 million tickets expected to be sold, the region will expect huge numbers of tourism in the area, helping to boost the local economy.

But what else can the region expect to get out of the games? How has the ongoing Covid-19 crisis impacted the upcoming event? Could a no-deal Brexit have an effect? And how successful have other Commonwealth Games locations been with putting their cities firmly on the map and becoming real tourist destinations?

In the latest Centre for Brexit Studies podcast, experts Paul Faulkner, Chief Executive at the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, David Grevemberg, Chief Executive of the Commonwealth Games Federation, Professor John Harris from Glasgow School for Business and Society and Dr Nicholas Wise, Reader in International Urban Change at Liverpool John Moores University, discuss the Games, and what they will mean for our region. 

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