Who gets what post-Brexit powers?


Centre for Brexit Studies Researcher David Hearne has shared his thoughts and views on the latest in the Brexit process, now that the Government has unveiled its blueprint for policing trade between different parts of the country after the post-Brexit transition period ends.

With the Government now setting out which powers currently held by the EU it plans to take on, and which will be given to devolved administrations, David discussed what powers are expected to be given to certain countries and administrations.

After manufacturing lobby group Make UK warned Boris Johnson that former ‘red wall’ seats won by the Tories in last year’s election could be at most risk of severe economic damage from Brexit talks collapsing, David also discussed why these areas in particular could be the hardest affected.

The expert also discussed why UK companies are stockpiling ahead of Brexit and a potential cliff edge, and what industries are stockpiling and planning in advance the most.

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