What next for the Liberal Democrats?


Centre for Brexit Studies Researcher David Hearne has discussed new Liberal Democrat’s leader Sir Ed Davey. With this being the fourth leader in five years, what can we expect next from the Lib Dems and their possible future election chances?

Workers on low incomes in parts of England where there are high rates of coronavirus will be able to claim up to £182 if they have to self-isolate from next week. Those who claim Universal Credit or Working Tax Credit and cannot work from home will be able to get the money, which is equal to £13 a day.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has said the payment "goes nowhere near far enough", adding people need "full pay". David discussed if the Government is doing enough to support those on low income.

After Boris Johnson blamed the 'mutant algorithm' for the exams fiasco, after previously saying that the results were “dependable” and “robust”, the expert also discussed the possibility that young people affected by the fiasco may not be showing their support for the Tory’s in the future, and at the next election.

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