What next for Northern Ireland in a post-Brexit landscape?


At our latest online event, a panel of experts discussed the future of Northern Ireland in the new post-Brexit landscape.

The recent imbroglio in which the EU invoked Article 16 of the Protocol in its dispute with Astra-Zeneca over the export Covid-19 vaccines display the fragility of the post-Brexit arrangements that will be reviewed in 2024.

In this environment, the asymmetrical nature of NI-GB and NI-EU transactions creates perverse outcomes and unintended consequences for the different sectors of the Northern Irish economy.

The event analysed the economic implications for Northern Ireland arising out of the UK-EU withdrawal agreement Protocol, as well as the potential in its strategic positioning in regard to Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the European Union.

The event was hosted by Dr Steven McCabe, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Brexit Studies.

Panel members included Dr Graham Brownlow, Economist and Senior Lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast, Aodhán Michael Connolly, Director at Northern Ireland Retail Consortium and Vicky Pryce, Economist and Business Consultant, Visiting Professor at Birmingham City University and Board Member of the Centre for Economics and Business Research.

The footage from the event is now available to watch. 

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