What more can the Government do for unemployed and young people?


Centre for Brexit Studies Researcher David Hearne has shared his thoughts and views on coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact the ongoing crisis is having on unemployment in the UK, and how the Government can support young people during this uncertain time.

With the Government pledging to provide 30,000 new traineeships to get young people in England into work, could they be the answer to youth unemployment in the UK?

In a video shared today, David also discussed if Rishi Sunak’s potential plan to give adults vouchers to spend in sectors of the economy worst hit by the Covid-19 crisis could be the boost that the UK needs.

The expert also discussed that despite pubs, restaurants and hairdressers all mostly reopening over the weekend, visits to town and city centres were still down by more than half compared with a year ago. With many people still wary and reluctant to get out and spend money, how can businesses survive? 

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