UK Auto, Rail and Aerospace: Understanding Logistics and Supply Chain


Brexit raises the possibility of severe disruption to manufacturing supply chains and logistics in the West Midlands, and elsewhere in the UK.

The Centre for Brexit Studies at Birmingham City University has undertaken a supply chain mapping exercise and Brexit exposure check on the transport manufacturing sector, including Auto, Rail and Aerospace in the Region.

Reporting on the findings of a survey with over 200 firms, this event will articulate the exposure of the sector to the dependence on particular firms (eg, JLR) and logistic implications for disruption at ports and the Eurotunnel.

This event will be of particular interest to those who work in manufacturing, regional transport and infrastructure policy - including academics and journalists working in the field - and those tasked with preparing for Brexit in their workplace.

Join us on Wednesday 29 January, 9am-12pm, at STEAMhouse in Digbeth, Birmingham, for an insightful and interesting discussion with our panel members. The panel will be hosted by Professor Alex de Ruyter, Director at the Centre for Brexit Studies, with input from research team members followed by Q&A from the audience.

We are also delighted to be launching our new Bite-Size Brexit Book ‘Carmageddon?’ at the event. The book looks at the manufacturing industry at the heart of the issues around Brexit and major logistical challenges.

The book, edited by Professor David Bailey, Professor Alex De Ruyter, Neil Fowler and John Mair, brings together a wide spectrum of industry experts and world-renowned auto industry figures, providing a real perspective on Brexit at the raw edge. Contributors include leading auto analysts, top automotive journalists, politicians and academics.

A wide selection of breakfast options alongside refreshments will be available for you to enjoy at the event.

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Project team members include:

Professor Alex de Ruyter – Director at Centre for Brexit Studies, Birmingham City University

Professor David Bailey - Professor of Business Economics at Birmingham Business School at University of Birmingham, Visiting Professor at Centre for Brexit Studies and Senior Fellow at UK in a Changing Europe.

Ian Henry - Owner and Managing Director of AutoAnalysis and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Brexit Studies.

Rachel Eade MBE – Transport Manufacturing Specialist and Supply Chain Lead at Birmingham Centre for Rail Research and Education at University of Birmingham.

David Hearne – Researcher at the Centre for Brexit Studies.

Di Li - Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at Birmingham City Business School and Senior Fellow at the Centre for Brexit Studies.

Dr Shishank Shishank - Senior Lecturer in Operations Management at Birmingham City Business School.

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