Panel debates Boris Johnson, his new cabinet & what this means for Brexit


After an historic week in British politics, which has seen a new Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party as well as a new cabinet, new leader of the Liberal Democrats and resignations left right and centre, the Centre for Brexit Studies has brought together a combination of Academics and contributors to their blog to share their views around Boris Johnson.

The panel discuss how they and their respective parties are feeling about the new PM, what we can expect from the new cabinet, and what they would like to see from the Prime Minister in his premiership.

In the video shared today, the Centre is joined by Centre for Brexit Studies Director Alex de Ruyter, Chairman of UKIP Walsall Graham Eardley and Beverley Nielsen, Associate Professor at Birmingham City University’s IDEA Institute, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Brexit Studies and Liberal Democrat Councillor on Malvern Hills District Council.

The video is available now to watch on the Centre for Brexit Studies' YouTube channel:

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