Is the Government supporting the arts and creative industries?


Centre for Brexit Studies Senior Fellow Dr Steven McCabe has discussed Boris Johnson’s leader’s speech at the virtual Conservative conference, what he made of the speech and what we can expect next from the Prime Minister.

Dr McCabe also discussed Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s suggestion of self-employed artists finding alternative employment, after musicians protested across the UK.

The government recently announced a £1.57bn rescue package for the arts, but that money is mostly being distributed to museums, galleries and venues, rather than individuals. Steven discussed what more needs to be done to support these people, and if it is fair to ask them to find a new job.

The expert also discussed Unite’s decision to cut its affiliation money to the Labour Party by around 10%, why they’re unhappy with Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership and what long term impact the cut could have on the party. 

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