Insta-phobe Centre Director joins forces with Radio DJ who ‘doesn’t care’ about Brexit


Centre for Brexit Studies Director Professor Alex de Ruyter has gone head to head in a hilarious yet incredibly knowledgeable video with BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ, Comedian and Influencer David ‘Sideman’ Whitely.

David ‘Sideman’ Whitely, who has a whopping 207,000 Instagram followers, spoke on the Young People and Brexit panel at the Centre for Brexit Studies Annual Conference earlier this year, stating that he ‘doesn’t care’ about Brexit.

In the video, ‘Sideman’ teaches Alex de Ruyter all about Instagram, what makes it relevant to Brexit and how he could use it to attract a younger audience to be interested in Brexit and British politics.

On the other side, Alex de Ruyter answer’s ‘Sideman’s’ questions about Brexit, what makes it important and why it should matter to him and other young people, who simply don’t believe it has anything to do with them.

The dynamic duo discuss everything from Instagram stories, filters and taking the perfect selfie, to why Brexit will impact bank balances, the food we eat and what it could mean for the future of the country.

The two also find the similarities between Instagram and Politics, and discuss how this could help young people to understand what happens in Parliament and how it impacts their lives.

The video, which was filmed in Birmingham City University’s Curzon Building, is an insightful, interesting and incredibly funny combination of two totally different people, who have more in common than they once thought.

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