Expert talk to assess Brexit’s potential impact for Greenock businesses and communities

Expert talk to assess Brexit’s potential impact for Greenock businesses and communities

The impact Britain’s withdrawal from the EU could have on businesses and communities in Greenock will be discussed at a public event next week led by a Member of Scottish Parliament and a leading expert in Brexit.

Stuart McMillan MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde will host Professor Alex de Ruyter, Director of Birmingham City University’s Centre for Brexit Studies on Monday 21 May for a public Brexit discussion at the Custom House Hotel in Greenock.

The event, which will run from 6pm until 9pm, will give members of the public the opportunity to hear about the different Brexit scenarios and how they could impact those who live in the area.

It will also give people the chance to quiz Stuart McMillan and Prof de Ruyter on the issues which are important to them such as the future of the NHS and Britain’s potential new trade deals. 

Professor de Ruyter said: “Brexit will affect everyone, whether that’s companies trading on the continent, a lack of doctors and nurses due to restrictions on migrant labour, less funding for projects and developments previously offered by the EU or paying more for your weekly shop at the supermarket.

“The aim of the talk is not to scare people, but to inform them of the likely scenarios to ensure everyone is armed with as much information as possible when preparing for Brexit.

“I hear lots of people comment that nothing has changed so far, but that’s because we’re still in the negotiation period and the change won’t be seen until we come out on 29 March next year.”

The event is free to attend, although tickets must be registered for in advance via Eventbrite by searching ‘Brexit events in Greenock’.

The talk aims to offer residents as much information as possible on the possible direction and impact of Brexit as well as answer questions about how that could directly impact their lives.

Stuart McMillan MSP said: “I am delighted Professor de Ruyter is speaking at this event locally.

“Brexit will affect every aspect of life and reports of job losses being a consequence is clearly something that concerns many people.

“Professor de Ruyter’s independent position looking at Brexit and how it may affect Inverclyde is something many people wouldn’t want to miss out on.”

For further information about this and other events please visit the Centre for Brexit Studies website at

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