Could the Labour Party ever win a General Election again?


Centre for Brexit Studies Director Professor Alex de Ruyter has shared his thoughts and views on what is next for the Labour Party, after a review of the party’s 2019 defeat warned that a new leader and the end of Brexit as an issue won’t be enough for the party to win back power.

In a video shared today, Professor de Ruyter discussed what the Labour Party need to do right, and perhaps the Conservative Party need to do wrong, for them to even have a chance of doing well at the next general Election.

The expert also discussed how long it could take the UK to ‘recover’ from coronavirus debt, after it was revealed that UK debt is now bigger than the economy for the first time since 1963.

Professor de Ruyter also discussed if Boris Johnson’s and Emmanuel Macron’s discussions around a post-Brexit UK-EU trade agreement makes a deal more, or less likely, now.

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