Centre Director shares thoughts on remaining Tory Leadership contenders


Centre for Brexit Studies Director Professor Alex de Ruyter has shared his views and expertise on the progress of the Tory Leadership contest.

With three remaining contenders - Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt - we will find out this evening who the last two are, with one of them set to become the new Conservative leader, and Prime Minister, in July 2019.

In a short video shared today, Professor Alex de Ruyter has shared his thoughts on the remaining three contenders in the contest, who we can anticipate becoming the next Prime Minister and who has come across best in recent TV debates and media opportunities.

Professor Alex de Ruyter also discusses the idea that the result would have been any different if the public were voting and now just Tory members, which candidate actually has the best chance of getting Brexit done and what the next steps are once the final two are announced.

The video is available now to watch on the Centre for Brexit Studies' YouTube channel

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