Centre Director shares expertise on a dramatic week in Politics


The Centre for Brexit Studies Director Professor Alex de Ruyter has shared his views, thoughts and expertise on a week that has been taken over by drama and chaos in Parliament.

In a video shared today, Professor Alex de Ruyter discusses the various votes taking place in Parliament this week and what this means for the Brexit process, as well as Boris Johnson and what we can expect to happen in the coming weeks.

He also discusses the drama from within Government this week, which includes former Conservative MP Dr Phillip Lee crossing the floor to join the Liberal Democrats, 21 Tory Rebels having their whip removed and Jo Johnson, brother of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, quitting due to being ‘torn between family loyalty and the national interest.’

The expert also discusses Jeremy Corbyn’s recent successful performance and what has given him a boost, as well as what the Liberal Democrats will be thinking now, and how they could perform in an Election.

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