Brexit’s impact on West Midlands Transport Manufacturing revealed


The official findings and results of a major survey conducted by the Centre for Brexit Studies have been released following an event around Brexit’s impact on the automotive, rail and aerospace industries within the West Midlands, and wider UK.

The Centre aimed to get a clear idea of where manufacturers, suppliers and related services buy and sell their wares or services, how they move them to clients and their consequent exposure to Brexit in terms of procurement, operations, HR, compliance and risk management.

The survey was open to those who work within the fields of automotive, rail and aerospace, with the aim for the Centre for Brexit Studies to be able to understand how businesses across the industries, which are based in the West Midlands, are prepared for Brexit during an increasingly uncertain time.

At the event, Professor Alex de Ruyter, Director at Centre for Brexit Studies, talked through the findings and key points of the results.

The industry expert then discussed the work with fellow panel members and project team members Ian Henry, Owner and Managing Director of AutoAnalysis and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Brexit Studies, Rachel Eade MBE, Transport Manufacturing Specialist and Professor David Bailey, Professor at Birmingham Business School at University of Birmingham and Senior Fellow at UK in a Changing Europe.

View the full findings report.

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