Brexit health check - six months on

Sign post with Brexit in one direction and the EU in another.

At our latest online event, a panel of experts discussed a 'Brexit health check', looking at how the UK has been impacted in the last months after leaving the single market.

On 1 January, 2021, the UK left the single market following the decision to leave the EU in the Brexit deal. A panel of experts will be discussed this, and examining the real impacts of Brexit on the economy since leaving the single market.

The UK single market aims to break down barriers to trading by ensuring 'four freedoms': sacrosanct to Brussels policymakers and the free movement of goods, services, and capital. Brussels has made it clear that these four freedoms are not negotiable, and the UK signed up to them and an EU member. Being part of the single market had many benefits to the UK, including access to all 500 million states within it.

So how has leaving the single market impacted the UK? This event explored the impacts six months on, with a panel of experts who discussed and shared their thoughts.

The online event took place on Zoom at 9am-10.30am, on Wednesday 23 June 2021, exactly five years on from the referendum.

Share your thoughts on social media with the hashtag: #CBSBrexitHealthCheck

Hosted by Professor Alex de Ruyter, Director at the Centre for Brexit Studies.

Panel members

Professor David Bailey, Senior Fellow at The UK in a Changing Europe, Professor of Business Economics at Birmingham Business School and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Brexit Studies

David Hearne - Researcher at the Centre for Brexit Studies.

Vicky Pryce - Visiting Professor, BCU and Board member, Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).

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