Are lockdown restrictions causing a North-South divide?


Centre for Brexit Studies Senior Fellow Dr Steven McCabe has discussed if the Government are doing enough to support the North during lockdown restrictions.

More than 50 Tory MPs have written to the prime minister calling for a "clear road map" out of lockdown restrictions in northern England, warning the region risks being "left behind". They also called for an economic recovery plan for the region, arguing it had been hardest hit by the virus, but No 10 said it was "committed to levelling up across the country".

All the areas currently under the strictest restrictions of the government's three-tier system for England are in the North or the Midlands.

The expert also discussed if No 10 are providing the public with a clear route out of restrictions, after former northern powerhouse minister Jake Berry urged Downing Street to provide people with clear data, with published information in a “easily digestible, consumer-facing, public-friendly way”.

Dr McCabe also discussed the impact the ‘firebreak’ lockdown in Wales is having on the tourism industry, and if the sector is being given enough support.

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