Societies at Birmingham City University

When you become a BCU student, you automatically become a member of our Students’ Union, giving you access to the wide range of fantastic services and facilities that they offer. 

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BCUSU offers over 100 societies and sports team for you to get involved in. Whatever your interests, they’ve got it covered.

Faith and Culture

Coming to University can see you moving away from your home town, local community and even your home country. But don't worry - this is a very common experience for students when they start their University journey, and many people from a variety of backgrounds have formed faith and culture societies set up to help.

BCUSU currently has Christian, Hindu, IslamicJewish and Sikh societies, as well as cultural groups for people of African, Afro-Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Italian, MalaysianPakistani and Vietnamese backgrounds, amongst many others.

Media and Creative

You may have heard it said before that there are societies for everything at University, but one look at the Media and Creative section of the SU website will tell you that the rumours are true! 

There are the standard ones, such as the Film and Gaming societies, as well as our famous student-run radio station Scratch Radio. But you may not have guessed that we also have societies covering Anime and MangaDrawing, Table Top Gaming, Rock MusicKorean Entertainment and K-PopBollywood, Musical Theatre and Crafting (worth checking out for the name alone)!


If you’re into sports and being active, there is an extensive list of activities you can get involved with. Competitive sports covered by our BCU Sport department include football, basketball, cricket, rugby, badminton, hockey, netball and volleyball.

The SU also has societies for those interested in Dance, Cheerleading, Yoga, Kickboxing, PoloRock Climbing and Extreme Sports.

Campaign and Representation

Finally, just as there are groups for those of different faiths and cultures, BCUSU also has plenty of societies dedicated to representing our diverse student body.

In our Campaign and Representation section, you'll find groups representing LGBTQ+ students, Disabled students, Mature students and International students, alongside the likes of our Mental Health societyWomen's society and our Parent and Carers society.

This is only the tip of the iceberg - if you want to see the full list of societies currently offered by our Students' Union, or want to find details about how you can start your own society, click below.

Our Societies