14 things to do during your first week at university

Welcome to BCU and your new student life in the UK’s second biggest city! To help you get stuck in and explore what Birmingham and campus life has to offer, here's some suggestions of things you could do in your first week at University. Here's what happened when our students had a go.

1. Get a selfie with the Birmingham bull

2. Try food from a country you have never had before

3. Cook a meal with your new flatmates

4. Take a trip to the Bullring with your new NUS card and enjoy the discounts!

Student discount at the Bullring

5. Ask everyone: Name? Town? Course?

6. Try an independent restaurant or bar (see Independent Birmingham)

7. Go to the Welcome Week fair and see how much free stuff you can get

8. Take a perfect skyline photo from the top of the Curzon Building

Birmingham skyline from curzon building

9. Join a society and try out a new hobby

10. Play crazy golf at Cannon Hill Park

Joey plays golf at Cannon Hill Park

11. See a celeb DJ at a Students' Union event

12. Get kitted out in fancy dress for a night out

13. Be at one with nature at Botanical Gardens or the Wildlife Conservation Park

14. Get lost... Probably on a stroll to Digbeth to try out the quirky café's

#BringOnBCU bingo street art Tia