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Clearing. Let's talk about you.

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Clearing 2017

Library and Learning Resources

  • Curzon library helpdesk
  • Curzon library floor
  • BCU Library
  • BCU Library
  • BCU Library
  • BCU Library

There are six libraries across our seven campuses:

Curzon Library (City Centre)
Mary Seacole Library (City South)
Kenrick Library (City North)
Birmingham Conservatoire
School of Art, Margaret Street
School of Jewellery

These resources, together with our Centre for Academic Success, support and develop the subjects and interests of the staff and students.

Library and Learning Resources iCity
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Library resources

Library resources

Take advantage of our range of library resources.
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Using our libraries

Using our libraries

Practical information about using our libraries.
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Library help

Library help

We welcome any questions or queries you might have.
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The Library of Birmingham

Library of Birmingham

New students can join the city's new library online at

The Library hosts collections of archives, photography and rare books and new facilities including state-of-the-art gallery space open to public access for the first time. It is also home to a BFI Mediatheque, providing free access to the National Film Archive.

Live Chat

Peter Williams, Automotive Engineering 1st Year

Peter Williams Automotive Engineering
"I use the library as I can’t work at home - there’s too many distractions, like a TV in my room. It is a good working environment because nobody is noisy. Everyone is quiet and gets work done. It is a good place to meet up with other students and study together."
Peter Williams