Return to Practice

Your role as a sign-off mentor is critical in helping returners to regain their confidence and competence in practice, so that they can again deliver high quality care to service users and their families. The role modelling and support that you provide are essential elements in helping returners adapt to the demands of the changing world of healthcare practice.

Assessing returners to ensure they are ready to re-enter the professional register is a fundamental part of maintaining our professional standards, and you as a sign-off mentor are at the centre of this process. We ask you to rigorously assess returners to ensure that they are safe and effective practitioners who you would wish to work with as colleagues or provide care for you or your loved ones.

The resources you will discover on these web pages form part of a portfolio of support which the we offer to mentors and students of the School. Please contact a member of your Placement Support Team, School staff or the Return to Practice programme director if you need further information, help or advice, or if you have any concerns whilst fulfilling your role as a sign-off mentor.

Return to Practice Mentor Handbook

Sample Practice Profile - Nursing

Sample Practice Profile - Midwifery

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