Disability Tutor

We have a Disability Tutor who can help and support you.

The Disability Tutor is a registered Health Professional and can:

  • Give advice and guidance on Practice learning outcomes and proficiencies you must meet.
  • Discuss aspects of placements that may be causing challenges.
  • Help you to plan and implement measures to enable you to engage fully with your placements.
  • Devise action plans in partnership with you and your placement providers to meet both your needs and the requirements of your course.
  • Disclosing a disability early will help anticipatory reasonable adjustments to be implemented if required and in a timely fashion.

To make an appointment for an informal chat in confidence please email disability.tutor@bcu.ac.uk or contact the team.

How the Disability Tutor can help students

Contact us

Nick Gee - Senior Lecturer/Disability Tutor
Tel: +44(0)121 202 4531
Email Nick Gee

Sheike Sela - Placement Quality and Disability Administrator
Tel: +44(0)121 331 6071
Email Sheikh Sela

The documents below have been produced for students but mentors may also find them useful to download

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