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Open day Wednesday 13 June 2018

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Head of Strings: Louise Lansdown
First Study Administrator:

Bowed Strings

String Duo Coaches
Jonathan French
Dr Robert Markham
Charles Matthews

Chamber Music
Jonathan Martindale
Lucy Nolan
Peggy Nolan
Jane Salmon
Oliver Wille
Robin Ireland
Susanne Stanzeleit
Sara-Peggy Nolan

Junior Fellows
Gildas String Quartet

Associate Ensembles
Cassia Quartet 
Fitzroy Quartet

Heath Quartet
Schubert Ensemble

Plucked Strings

International Chair in Harp
Catrin Finch

Principal Harp Tutor
Eleanor Turner

Harp Tutor
Ruth Faber
Rita Schindler

Early Harp Tutor
Robin Ward

Jazz Harp Tutor
Amanda Whiting

Head of Classical Guitar
Mark Ashford

Classical Guitar Tutor
Mark Eden

Lute and Theorbo
Elizabeth Pallett

Electric Guitar and Bass
Fred T Baker

Recent Masterclasses and Workshops