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Thursday 24 January 2019

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Harry Lightfoot

Harry Lightfoot - Grad

Music composer for film and TV

Graduated in 2007

Harry Lightfoot is a music composer for film and television. The five years since his graduation have seen his career in composition go from strength to strength, acquiring a contract with Accorder Music and working on projects for big names including BT, Olay, MaxFactor, Milka, Sony, Ford and Hyundai.

His recent work has seen him creating sound design for the BBC’s Original British Drama logo and composing the theme tune for Britain’s Big Wildlife Revival. As well as TV work, Harry has composed for BAFTA-winning film production companies and game developer Namco Bandai.

After graduating, Harry worked full-time as a teacher, during which time he also performed as a session musician for various pop artists, worked as a recording studio engineer, played in wedding and party bands, and started to write music. Within two years, he had signed a major publishing deal and began life as a full-time composer.

He said: “I knew I wanted to be a full-time professional musician, and I knew that studying jazz would give me the knowledge and discipline to be able to make that happen. The main thing that I appreciated was the real world lessons we were taught; lessons in how to cope with being self-employed and how to promote yourself as a full-time musician. That kind of stuff is invaluable. It’s all well and good being a great musician but that alone won’t make you a success.

“I'm proud of anything that I write that gets used as it shows that all the hard work and perseverance pays off. You can't beat the rush of knowing that millions of people are listening to your music!”