Live-action filming takes place to promote Dr Who Comic Book collaboration

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This March, our New Technology Institute two-year Fast Track undergraduates have been working together on an interdisciplinary project, to produce an interactive comic book for the BBC’s Doctor Who show. Assisted by external agency Red Bee Media, they created shareable content to promote their fellow students’ work.

Students from all of our undergraduate courses have collaborated together for the project; so that while the coders were piloting their first cutting-edge Unity project and the artists were developing 2D storyboard assets, Digital Marketing students have been getting ready to launch the immersive and interactive comic book experience!

The content encompassed a series of live action performances, with students kitted out in costume to depict a range of Dr. Who characters. Content was shot in six-second shorts in a vertical format, optimising them for tablet and phone viewing. This is the first time the digital marketing students have worked with 360 video, using our fantastic equipment borrowed from the University’s Hires and Loans department. Plus, the footage itself was shot in our professional standard film/TV studio using its large, state-of-the-art Green Screen, so the results were definitely worth sharing!

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Further collaboration was seen at the actual shooting stage, with a student from the School of Acting providing the role of weeping angel, and use of Media facilities at the Parkside Mediahouse highlighting the range of different types of projects students get to work on.

Within our New Technology Institute, Digital Marketing students share teaching space with our Video Game Design, Art and Development students, meaning that there is no shortage of exciting projects to promote as they are created within the very building.

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