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What to take to university - the ultimate checklist

Unsure on what to bring to university? We've got you covered with this ultimate check list.

So you may now be thinking, what do I need to take to uni? Well, our uni packing list can help. We’ve pulled out some key essentials that you don’t want to miss.

Important documents

This includes your driver's license or passport (you’ll need some ID to get into various places!), plus your student finance, admission and accommodation documents. Find out a full list of documents you’ll need in our Ultimate Packing Checklist.

Home comforts

This is what makes your new room feel like home. It could be photos of family and friends, your favourite blanket or cushions or posters for your wall. Looking for ideas? Check out our guide to making your room your own, with help from IKEA, here.

Only your favourite clothes

Pick what you’re actually going to wear! And make sure it includes a range of clothes that you’ll use, like gym wear (if you’re a gym-goer), comfy clothes for those inevitable hungover Netflix binges, and a few nice pieces for all the nights out you’ll be enjoying. Remember you don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe though, as no doubt you’ll be enjoying the shops on offer around Brum too.


If you manage to get through Uni without picking up a pen, you’ll be doing well (or missing the point completely, depending on how you look at it). Pens, a notepad, highlighters and more can be super useful for making notes in lectures, picking out the important bits of articles, or ultimately, revising for exams. 


So commonly forgotten! Make sure you’ve ticked off chargers for anything electrical – whether it’s a phone, laptop, electric toothbrush, wireless speaker…. It might also be worth investing in a portable charger for days when you’re on the go all day.