Top five things to do before starting uni

Starting uni this year and have absolutely no clue where to begin getting ready? We've got you covered!

This handy download gives you a rundown of five key starting points for preparing for university life. It covers:

  • Cooking
  • Getting ahead with your reading
  • Laundry
  • Budgeting
  • Important documents to bring

Plus you'll find a very handy packing list at the end - we recommend printing this out and checking it off to make sure you don't forget anything essential!

Download our preparing for uni guide now

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Clearing 2024

If you're considering your options for university this year, Clearing is a way for students to find the right course and university. Whether you aren't sure you'll meet your predicted grades, you've changed your mind about your firm choice, or you haven't applied yet, Clearing could be for you!

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